CTO meetup – Beyond IaaS / PaaS with Kubernetes

Last night TechHuddle hosted a CTO meetup on Beyond IaaS and PaaS with Kubernetes.


Mark White from Codec gave the presentation.

Mark gave a detailed overview of Kubernetes, a project from Google that provides a way to host your applications and services on any hosting provider that combines the best of both worlds of IaaS and PaaS. He talked about the features it brings and the ecosystem that’s building up around it – but with no such thing as a free lunch, he also highlighted the downsides and areas where it’s still immature.

  • Introduction to Mark White
  • Kubernetes flash demo – creating and deploying an app
  • Summary of IaaS vs PaaS
  • How Kubernetes/Container engine fit in and provides the best of both worlds
  • Brief introduction to Docker/containers
  • Google Borg and Kubernetes history
  • Introduction to Kubernetes architecture
  • Kubernetes features
    • Internal load balancing (services)
    • Logging
    • External load balancing (ingress)
    • Persistent storage
    • CPU/RAM limits
    • Autoscaling
    • Kubernetes package management with helm
    • Monitoring (inc. a brief mention of Prometheus and Sysdig Cloud)
  • Kubernetes compared to:
    • Amazon Elastic Container Service
    • Apache Mesos / Marathon
  • Alternative hosting options to Google Container Engine
  • Issues with Kubernetes
  • Q&A

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