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Google Drive

March 23, 2013

We started using Google Drive for a project recently. Our users have a mixture of Mac OS X and Windows 7 machines. The Windows 7 client seems unreliable and occasionally silently crashes. There can be long periods of time before files appear on other machines too. The Google Drive system icon doesn’t notify you of file updates. The feeling at the moment is Google Drive isn’t as good as Dropbox despite getting more free storage. Let’s hope they improve it quickly.


Offshore IT

March 2, 2013

I launched in 2012. Its getting a lot of traction. TechHuddle enables companies to access low cost offshore IT development talent in Eastern Europe whilst lowering the risks and reducing the administrative burden and hassles. Whether you want to reduce your IT costs or do more with the same budget our dedicated teams model can help you meet your business goals. Visit the TechHuddle website to learn more and contact us.