I have been looking into Hybris recently again. The last time I looked at Hybris was 3-4 years ago. It was a good product then. However looking at the latest version and hearing about what is coming in Hybris 5 it has moved on significantly.

Hybris combines, PIM (Product Information Management) / PCM (Product Content Management), Commerce (B2C and B2B), OMS (Order Management System) and Call Centre into a single platform. It is multi-currency and multi-language capable and has over 600 customers worldwide.

Over the last couple of years Hybris have built two Hybris Accelerators. The Hybris Accelerators are working eCommerce websites which customers can use to build their own eCommerce websites significantly reducing the time and cost to launch ecommerce websites. It is now possible to launch an eCommerce website using Hybris in 3-4 months.

Hybris searchandising functionality is based on SOLR but Hybris has close integration with Endeca if customers wish to use that.

One of the most exciting areas of improvement has been the OMS (Order Management System) functionality. Hybris acquired iCongo and rather than integrating the two products they have taken the iCongo OMS expertise and developed out the Hybris platform maintaining a single platform. Hybris is also able to support the DSV (Drop Ship Vendor) model.

The Hybris architecture (based on Java Spring) makes it much easier to upgrade to newer releases than many other ecommerce platforms that it competes with.

Hybris has a comprehensive webservices API making it simple to integrate with. Not all eCommerce platforms do surprisingly.

Hybris now have Hybris On-demand which is their hosted offering. Whilst it is not true SaaS it has a number of the benefits of SaaS.

Hybris has an exciting future ahead. Drop me a reply if you want to learn more.


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5 Responses to “Hybris”

  1. patrick francis Says:

    Hi Michael,
    Interesting post on Hybris. Was wondering if you knew any range on pricing using the hosted model? Having trouble getting those data points from SAP without committing to it.

  2. richardyeo Says:

    Feel free to contact me via linkedin uk.linkedin.com/in/richardyeo/ to discuss Hybris and Hybris On-demand.

  3. DJ Says:

    Hello – I just came across your informative post. We have a commerce business that has outgrown its current platform and we are looking at Hybris as a migration option. Would you be willing to share some more detailed insights?


  4. richardyeo Says:

    Sure. Connect with me via linkedin and reference this article.

  5. Ashwin Says:

    Hi Iam new to hybris. Can you please help me out in basic configuration of SOLR in hmc that comes with hybris

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