Office move

We have just moved office from Warwick Street near Piccadilly Circus to Derry Street which is just off High Street Kensington. The new office location couldn’t be much worse for me to get to. Just 10 months ago I took one tube line to get to work now I have to take three. One of them being the Circle Line or Central Line. It doesn’t get much worse than these two in my opinion.

The old office was better located for lunch too with 5 sushi restaurants within a couple hundred feet, Thai over the street, a greasy spoon just up the road and China Town just a short walk away. It also had three pubs for drinks after work 30 feet away.

I do have my own office within the new building which is one benefit. The new building does have a Costa inside it however the new building is so vast it would be quicker at the old building to walk outside to Neros to get a coffee. Probably the biggest (and only) advantage of the new building is we have air-conditioning at last.

My team have done a terrific job in virtualising all the office servers in the 2 comms rooms. The 30+ servers are now 2 and we now have disaster recovery.

I can’t wait for the smell of fresh paint on Monday.


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