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Joining TDPG (The Digital Property Group) as Group CTO

August 16, 2010

TDPG (The Digital Property Group) have just released a press release announcing that I will be joining them as Group CTO.

It has not been an easy decision but after 3 years at eCommera I have decided to move on.

As I look back I am particularly proud of what my team have achieved

  • Setup, Support, QA, Development, Ops, Professional Services and Product Development departments from scratch.
  • Setup a low cost near-shore operation (55 people) in Sofia, Bulgaria.
  • Grew department from 0 to 40 people in less than 11 months. 85 people as of August 2010.
  • Setup profitable Professional Services Organisation with native, French, Italian, German, Spanish, etc. speakers.
  • Rolled out 10 retailers, including ASDA Direct, in just over 2 years.
  • Secured £5m in second round funding during 2009 recession.
  • Created probably the largest competence of Demandware skills in the world in less than two years.

I wish everybody at eCommera well and hope their business continues to thrive.

Browser Market Share

August 3, 2010

Not a month goes by recently where the IT press writes about the downfall of Internet Explorer and the rise of Chrome.

I read today on ConceivablyTech that FireFox market share is close to overtaking Internet Explorer in Europe. As the article states Europe is a very big place so what is the reality in the UK.

I have examined browser usage stats for a couple of large UK websites. The trends were the same across the sites which have different audiences. As can be seen below the game is far from over for Internet Explorer. Whilst IE6 and IE7 usage is dropping IE8 usage is rising. Chrome is indeed increasing but at the expense of Safari.