eCommerce SaaS platform customer sizes

According to somebody associated with Venda he says “Venda is the market leader and the choice of the biggest retailers”. See comments. Anybody can check these claims out for themselves. Below I have plotted Alexa traffic ranks for a couple of eCommera’s retailers against six (I did actually check ten but discarded four as their ranks were not great) of what I thought would be Venda’s largest customers (ones they promote heavily). I have excluded the names out of politeness to the retailers. Data was taken from 9th Dec to 8th Jan. The orange bars are eCommera retailers and the blue bars are Venda retailers. Lower is better as it means a higher traffic rank, i.e. more visitors.

eCommerce SaaS platform customer sizes

Clearly they are not the choice of the biggest retailers and I am sure Demandware would not agree on the market leader statement either.


2 Responses to “eCommerce SaaS platform customer sizes”

  1. Bob Felicce Says:


    This chart is low on data and high on spurious assumption. No mention of who the customers are? C’mon!


  2. richardyeo Says:


    Like I said in my post pick two of eCommera’s biggest retailers and any Venda retailers you like and try it for yourself.

    You will find the results the same.


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