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iPhone 3GS

August 12, 2009

I have been thinking about getting an iPhone for a while. This is saying something because I am not an Apple fan. Apple hardware IMHO is very nice but very expensive. Too expensive! And why pay all that money to be restricted in what applications you can run. iTunes (like Google toolbar/desktop) is a bit like a virus always trying to install itself. For instance every time I use Safari to check for updates to Safari the Apple Update Manager wants to install iTunes and QuickTime even though they are not installed.

I have always been put off by the iPhones lack of copy & paste, SMS forwarding, etc. functionality. I have been waiting for the latest version of the iPhone OS and then hardware to address these shortcomings. Anyhow I have taken the plunge and purchased one now they are out.

I have to say the iPhone 3GS is very good. The screen is large, crystal clear and bright. The touch sensitive screen is accurate and very responsive. The iPhone 3GS is very fast. No waiting around for applications to load. Safari is lightening fast, particularly over wifi connections. The iPhone 3GS is very quick to connect to wifi networks and switching between cellular and wifi is transparent. Call quality is what you would expect. The builtin apps are very good, polished and consistent. The synchronisation with Microsoft Exchange appears to work very well so far too. The whole thing is very slick and very polished.

I don’t miss my HTC Touch Pro. This is one of the few devices that lives up to the hype. One downside is the battery life even with wifi turned off. Make sure you carry your USB charger cable. It is a small price to pay though. The other downside is the need to install iTunes.