Ubuntu frustrations

I posted the other day that I am evaluating Ubuntu. The experience so far hasn’t been good. Ubuntu 9.04 comes with Firefox 3 so I decided to try and update this to Firefox 3.5. I couldn’t find Firefox 3.5 under Add/Remove Programs so I launched Firefox 3 to see if it had a Check For Updates feature. I couldn’t find such a feature so I went to the Mozilla website to download Firefox 3.5. The Mozilla website recognised that I was using a Linux based operating system. I downloaded Firefox 3.5 expecting the downloaded file to be some kind of installer but instead it was a compressed archive file. The Readme.txt file contained no useful information. I am sure I could extract the files to a folder and run an executable and that would launch Firefox 3.5 but that would leave Firefox 3 installed on my machine probably as my default browser. Rather than waste anymore time trying to get Firefox 3.5 installed I decided to use Firefox 3 to visit the BBC iPlayer website. Firefox informed me that plugins were missing. I opted to install the missing plugins. I was presented with 3 Flash Player plugins. Why three!?! I tried every one yet none of them would install. This is insane, hugely frustrating and a complete waste of time. I will try to persevere but my initial impression is it isn’t ready for prime time.


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