Demandware 2.8 released

Demandware has just recently released Demandware 2.8. All eCommera retailers will automatically benefit from this upgrade over the next couple of months. This upgrade includes

Content Slotting
Dynamic Web page real estate for displaying different content assets based on business rules for driving dynamic merchandising and marketing
Call Centre API
Supports the taking of orders on behalf of customers, editing orders, and cancelling orders for a tighter multi-channel customer experience
Time Based Site Preview
Override date and time in the storefront to allow a merchant to preview content and test storefront behaviour for any future date and time
Item-Level Shipping Costs
Manage shipping costs for odd-size items
New Promotions Capabilities
New promotion type “Buy X for Total Discount”; for example “Buy 3 T-shirts for $49.99”
Promotion rule editor now supports all product attributes; for example restrict discounts to certain products in specific colors
New coupon engine – create single-use or multi-use coupons
Search and Navigation
Search term correction can now present multiple suggestions for misspelled search phrases
Price refinement now enables you to visualize price range via a price slider to extend or limit a search results set
Performance and Scalability
Demandware is already fast and scalable but further performance improvements have been made

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