Google Chrome

This morning I downloaded and installed the Google Chrome Beta.

I first heard about it here via Slashdot.

After reading the Google on Google Chrome – comic book I thought I would take a look at this interesting development.

It didn’t take long to download as the setup program is quite small. I didn’t scientifically measure it but it was probably about the same size as Firefox and Opera.

I might be wrong but I don’t recall giving the Google Chrome Installer permission to import my Bookmarks, History, Passwords, etc. from Internet Explorer or install a Quick Launch shortcut. I also have Firefox, Opera and Safari installed on my laptop but I don’t recall the Google Chrome Installer attempting to import the preferences from those Internet Browsers. Thankfully it did not try to install itself as the default browser although no doubt the final version probably will.

Google Chrome was fairly quick to start-up. It has a clean and simple user interface. This has been achieved at the expense of removing useful functionality though.

  • There is no Print Preview functionality
  • When you right click on an image it is not possible to
    1. E-mail picture
    2. Print Picture
    3. Set as Background
    4. View Properties of image
    5. Etc
  • Etc
  • I have always felt that the Address bar should go below the Tabs. Whilst this is a welcome improvement over Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox it won’t convince me to stop using Internet Explorer 7. Google can’t take credit for this as Opera has its Address bar under its Tabs.

    Google have also removed the menus to make the user interface cleaner. Google can’t take credit for this either as Microsoft did this in Internet Explorer 7.

    The Incognito feature sounds very similar to Microsoft Internet Explorer 8’s InPrivate Browsing feature. All browsers should have this capability.

    The Inspect Element feature is useful for developers. If you right click an element of the page a window pops up which shows the HTML for the element within the DOM tree.

    Interestingly Google Chrome appears to be using WinInet as I am able to view its requests using HTTP Fiddler. My suspicions were first aroused when I noticed that when you click on the Proxy Settings button on the Settings > Options > Under The Hood it launched the Windows Internet Options dialog box.

    I have noticed numerous rendering issues whilst visiting various websites. These websites render correctly with Apple’s Safari.

    If I am honest there is nothing compelling enough for me to switch from Internet Explorer 7. Companies developing websites need another major internet browser like they need a hike in corporation tax.


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