Demandware visit

I have just come back from Sofia this week where we have hosted a visit from Demandware. Demandware came to see our near-shore team in action and observe the Demandware Developer training taking place.

We continued our expansion by recruiting another Developer Team Lead and Technical Support Analyst.


2 Responses to “Demandware visit”

  1. Jones Says:

    Hi Rich,
    Hope you are fine. i read your blog regularly. There is no update for long time. Does it mean that no interesting happenings in CTO’s life recently :)?

  2. richardyeo Says:

    There are lots of interesting things happening all the time although some of them I am unable to mention at the moment. For instance I am in Cannes, France this week at a Sterling Commerce Client Access Board. We are launching a new version of this week hopefully. We have recruited some more people in Sofia. We are hard at work on three new retailer websites. All three will be launching by mid September. Hopefully over the next couple of weeks I will be able to share with you the name of one of them which has been a very important win for.

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