Microsoft Project 2007 conversion woes

I have Microsoft Project 2003 installed on my laptop. I was sent a Microsoft Project Plan saved in Microsoft Office 2007 today. On opening the file I was prompted as to whether I wanted to download an add-on which would allow me to open Microsoft Project 2007 files. I had the same thing happen for Microsoft Word 2003 many months ago and it did just that and worked fine however for Microsoft Project I was taken to this page and presented with the following ridiculous message.

“You reached this page because the Microsoft Project Plan (MPP) file that you are trying to open was created in Microsoft Office Project 2007. Converters for opening Office Project 2007 files will be provided as part of Microsoft Office 2003 Service Pack 3 (SP3), which will be available during the last quarter of 2007. After upgrading to Office 2003 SP3, you will be able to open a Project 2007 file in Microsoft Office Project 2003 as a read-only file. Until then, you can ask the person who created the file in Project 2007 to save the file in the Microsoft Project 2000 – 2003 MPP format.”

The message is ridiculous for a number of reasons

1.  Microsoft had approximately 4 years to develop a Microsoft Project 2007 converter for Microsoft Project 2003 and have it widely disseminated
2. Microsoft have released Microsoft Office 2003 SP3
3. Microsoft Office 2003 SP3 does not contain the converter. You have to download Microsoft Project 2003 SP3

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