Dear Michael Dell …

I previously posted on this subject here

Just over a week ago I received a call from Dell. The upshot was Windows Vista x64 support would not be available until 16th November, despite Dell assuring me it was supported when I ordered my new laptop; therefore I had the option to rebook the order with Windows Vista x86 or wait until after the 16th November. Given how desperate I am for the laptop I asked them to rebook it rather than wait.

I received another call from Dell on Friday regarding my laptop order. This time they said the order was on hold because they needed my credit card details as I had not paid for the laptop. I checked my credit card account online and sure enough they took the money at the beginning of October. So not only have I been waiting for 2 months, paid £1900 (including VAT) for a laptop I don’t have but they tried to take the money again!

Michael Dell, what are you going to do about this?

I have joked with one of the guys who works for me, who is an Apple fan, that if Dell don’t deliver my new laptop soon I might resort to walking up to Regents Street in London and buying a Mac Pro.


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