CentOS an alternative to RedHat

This article prompted to me post this.

In 2006 when we decided to move from a fully managed service to a collocation facility we had to make the difficult decision as to pay the RedHat license fees or go with CentOS. We took the decision to go with CentOS and never looked back. It saved us a fortune given the number of servers we were talking about. I would have no hesitation in making the same decision again. I totally agree with the following from the article

It’s not that my friend’s organization doesn’t appreciate Red Hat’s contribution to Linux. They do. They understand perfectly well who does the heavy lifting to put the RHEL distribution together. They see clearly that CentOS does not add value in its own right. They know that the engineering effort at Red Hat costs serious money and that someone has to pay for it. And if circumstances were different my friend would certainly be willing to throw a little something Red Hat’s way. But not $50K per year. It’s just too much. He just doesn’t see the value proposition that Red Hat is pitching him, and he feels – like many others – that what CentOS is doing is not only legal (of that there can be no dispute) but perfectly moral. After all, the vast majority of the packages in RHEL were not created by Red Hat, and they are all governed by the GPL, which is absolutely clear about the obligation to redistribute code.


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