A CTOs first impression of MySQL

MySQL 5 has been out quite a while now and I thought it was about time I took a look. At the time of writing http://www.mysql.com states “Smart CIOs choose MySQL”.

I downloaded mysql-5.0.45-win32.zip. The installation was even more simple than that for SQL Server 2000/2005.

After I installed the software I launched MySQL Command Line Client. I typed help and my Dell Inspiron 9300 laptop crashed. Windows XP did not hang or blue screen. The machine turned itself off. This seemed a little odd. I restarted my laptop. I repeated the same steps. This time the help displayed OK. I ran a few basic SQL commands, e.g. select 1 as ‘field1’. After doing this 3 times it crashed my laptop again!

This CTO won’t be chosing MySQL to run his business!


3 Responses to “A CTOs first impression of MySQL”

  1. Halmat Ferello Says:

    MySQL is brilliant! And it’s clear that your laptop is properly configured as its a windows machine, how could it be! 😛

  2. Halmat Ferello Says:

    isn’t properly*

  3. Venkat Says:

    I would recommend mysql for smallscale tools like tools internal to a organisation, but not for mission critical things (I may be quiet late in replying this 🙂 but found your bolg quiet interesting while i was searching some other stuff in google)

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