Microsoft and Logitech webcam software bloat

My brother has moved to New York and we agreed to purchase webcam’s so our young children can see each other growing up as they chat each week.

I have just purchased a Microsoft LifeCam VX-1000 from PC World. No doubt I could have purchased it cheaper online but at £19.99 I couldn’t wait.

The instructions recommended downloading the latest software from the Microsoft website. This wasn’t too bad but could have been a little easier.

What shocked me was the software was over 110MB!!!

That is totally unacceptable. The number of software bugs in 110MB of compressed compiled code must be huge.

I know the Microsoft LiveCam software isn’t unique when it comes to code bloat. At the weekend I helped my mother install her new Windows Vista PC only to find the Logitech software was a similar size download. It wouldn’t surprise me if the Microsoft LiveCam is a rebranded Logitech.

This is taking code bloat to the extreme! Shame on Microsoft and Logitech for writing such code bloat.


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