New fish4jobs CV Database website launched

Yesterday we launched our new CV Database website.

The new website is powered by FAST ESP 5.0.9. It was developed using Groovy and Grails. We have adopted Groovy and Grails to speed up development and make development more agile whilst delivering higher quality code.

Improvements over the old CV Database website include

More user friendly interface
Guided navigation (filters)
Did you mean? / spell checking
Improved wildcard support (multiple, beginning, middle and end of search term)
Intelligent snippet
Search term highlighting
Synonym highlighting (different colour to original search term for clarity)
Last viewed and last downloaded indicators
Dashboard (indicates freshness and breakdown by industry sectors)
Virtually unlimited results
Even better search performance

We will be launching many more improvements over the next few months.


4 Responses to “New fish4jobs CV Database website launched”

  1. Graeme Says:

    Congratulations guys. It public facing? Do you have a link?

  2. richardyeo Says:

    Whilst it is on the internet I am afraid it is not public facing as such. Although for you we might be able to arrange a demo. Do you have Jonny’s contact details?

  3. richardyeo Says:

    I will try and post some screen shots in the next few days to this post.

  4. Graeme Says:

    Hi Richard

    I think I have Jonny’s details somewhere, otherwise feel free to drop me a line or post some screenshots on the mailing list

    Also we would love to hear about it on 😉


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