The challenge of search

One of the biggest challenges of a Job Board is understanding what a candidate is searching for and returning relevant job adverts. This sounds easy but is much harder than it appears!

For example in the last 32 days candidates have searched for Fork Lift Truck Driver jobs in over 839 different ways using fish4jobs. The following represent the 30 most commonly entered searches for Fork Lift Truck Driver jobs from the 839 in the last 32 days.

forklift driver
fork lift driver
fork lift
flt driver
fork lift truck driver
fork lift truck
forklift truck driver
forklift drivers
flt drivers
fork truck driver
forklift operator
forklift OR warehouse
forklift truck
fork lift truck drivers
fork truck
fork lift truck operator
fork lift drivers
forktruck driver
warehouse OR forklift
warehouse OR flt
fork lift operator
forklift truck drivers
fork truck drivers
flt OR warehouse
telescopic forklift driver
warehouse OR forklift driver

We go to great lengths to understand what people are searching for and return relevant job adverts.

For instance our search engine understands that FLT Driver has the same meaning as Fork Lift Truck Driver.


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