The perils of off-shoring

I have just come back from an eventful business trip to Chennai, India.

I outsourced the maintenance and development of fish4’s datawarehouse and website to Infosys in Oct 2005 and Feb 2006 respectively.

The trip started off badly. Our BA35 flight to Chennai was turned around after nearly 4 hours in the air and forced to return to Heathrow, London due to technical difficulties. In total we spent nearly 8 hours in the air only to end up exactly where we started from. My wife was rather surprised to see me walk back in the house at 11pm (after I left at 9:30am) when I was supposed to be in India.

BA re-scheduled the flight for the following day. Despite leaving a couple of hours late the flight did eventually take off and land in Chennai, India. The BA crew were fantastic and were the same people who had looked after us the previous day. We were kindly met at the airport by Infosys staff and our driver.

Despite the trouble getting to India, Monday – Wednesday were very productive days and Phil who was travelling with me and making his first trip to Infosys and India was impressed with their setup.

However it all went down hill on the Thursday!

Phil must have eaten something that disagreed with him on the Wednesday evening as he was not feeling too good on the Thursday morning. After lunch he went to work in his little office provided by Infosys. One hour later we found him sat outside with his head in his hands, shaking and suffering from a bad fever. He really didn’t know where he was. I immediately asked Infosys to call an ambulance. Fortunately Infosys have their own ambulance on campus. He was rushed to a private hospital just 10 minutes down the road. Within a few minutes of arriving at the hospital they had connected him to a drip, taken various blood samples and started administering antibiotics. He was like a vegetable for several hours but eventually started to come around. They kept him in overnight and he was discharged Friday afternoon. He still hadn’t totally recovered but was considered well enough to travel.

Fortunately the flight back was uneventful!


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