ComputerWeekly article on fish4

It is disappointing that Cliff Saran decided to let Sybase have the last word in what was a good article.

However I think it is important to make the facts clear as Alf Franklin, who I have met, was not directly dealing with the case and therefore has received this information via other people.

Alf Franklin, sales manager at Sybase, said, “Fish4 had previously signed up to an IT infrastructure that was more sophisticated than it needed and, as a result, had costs associated with it that were equally as high.”

I am not sure why Sybase think this because

The version of SQL Server 2005 we purchased is functionally superior to the version of Sybase ASE 12.5.3 we are licensed for, e.g.
– Clustering
– Replication
– Analysis Services
– Reporting Services
– Notification Services
– Service Broker
– Integration Services
– Mirroring
– Etc

This does not take into consideration the feature by feature comparison which would surely put SQL Server 2005 on top.

According to the performance numbers we have the Sun 6900 (16 cores) was capable of a transaction performance of 13,974 whilst the transaction performance of the Unisys ES7000 we purchased was 30,959.

Sybase said Fish4’s performance issues were not specifically related to the configuration of Sybase, but were found to be related to Fish4’s configuration.

Why with no changes to java application code and only T-SQL syntax conversion did SQL Server 2005 not have production performance / reliability issues!?! Sure the Sun 6900 and Unisys ES7000 do not have like for like performance but we also load tested the application on a Dell PowerEdge 6850 with the same RAM and quantity of processor cores as the Sun 6900 and had no issues.

Regardless of whether our issues were with Sybase ASE / EFTS 12.5.3 and/or Sun 6900 specification we no longer have the issues and have never regretted the move.


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