fish4jobs launches BFTA (Be First To Apply)

This week saw the successful launch of a new piece of functionality on fish4jobs known as BFTA (Be First To Apply). As with internet search engines such as Google and Yahoo people very rarely view results beyond page 3. The same is true with job boards. Job adverts on job boards are typically ordered by relevancy descending followed by age of advert descending. So all things being equal relevancy wise, newer adverts are displayed first and older adverts are displayed last. This is fair as every advert will have been new at some point in its life. The goal of a job board is to bring recruiters and candidates together. If a job board does not succeed in generating applications for a job advert it has failed. BFTA gives those older job adverts that have not received applications a chance of being seen and hence applied for by displaying the oldest job adverts that have not received applications alongside the search results without changing the normal search order behaviour. At the time of writing this is a feature Monster, TotalJobs, Jobsite and Jobserve do not have.

Screenshot of BFTA


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