Automatically document your SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Postgres and Access databases

We came across SqlSpec from Elsasoft a couple of months ago but never had time to look at it. Well this week whilst in India I found the time to check it out.

I have used it to document our SQL Server 2005 databases and it seems pretty comprehensive. The current release version does not document Partition Schemas, Partition Functions, Full-Text Catalogs and Full-Text Indexes so I emailed the developer on Sunday and within 12 hours he had responded with a new test version which contained support for those items. I have since emailed he with approximately 15 other suggestions which he plans to add to the product.

We are very happy with it so far.


5 Responses to “Automatically document your SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Postgres and Access databases”

  1. Jesse Says:

    SqlSpec also documents DB2 databases. Sybase coming soon! 🙂

  2. Jesse Says:

    how could I forget: SqlSpec documents Analysis Server 2005 as well.

  3. richardyeo Says:

    Enough self promotion Jesse where is my latest patch 😉

  4. jezemine Says:

    haha! your expectations have been raised since I got those features to you so quick the first time 😉

  5. richardyeo Says:

    Jesee thanks for the new release of Sqlspec. New functionality looks to be working well.

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