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Things you should never write…

February 25, 2007

It appears that a newly recruited trainee trafficker in the National Sales department was gaining much needed practice with our ad-serving technology when unbeknown to him; amendments that he had made to adverts were actually being delivered live on the site. This unfortunate error was only present for a few minutes but somebody sent it to The Register and they posted an article about it here. An apology was swiftly issued to the client.


SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 2 released

February 22, 2007

Interestingly Microsoft think this will be the last Service Pack before they release the next version of SQL Server, i.e. Katmai

I personally can’t see that being the case given that Katmai is not even a CTP or Beta release yet. initiative supported by IE7…

February 19, 2007

With IE7 supporting OpenSearch this is sure to be a success!

When using IE7, if the particular website you are viewing has implemented OpenSearch the little search icon in the IE7 toolbar will glow orange. You can then pick it from the list of available search providers and even add it to your permanent list of search providers. Once added to your permanent list you are free to select it at any time and submit a search to that website by typing in the search box.

fish4 an entry in Wikipedia at last

February 18, 2007

The Wikipedia entry for fish4 can be found here

It was an absolute nightmare to get the fish4 entry accepted. Despite Monster having a very large entry the over zealous Wikipedia police restricted us to just what you see. We will work to improve the content of our entry though.

Not another Dell supplied Maxtor SAS HDD failure

February 18, 2007

This is the fourth Dell supplied Maxtor SAS HDD failure in four months. We wouldn’t expect this many failures in the life time of the array. Fortunately all of our arrays are configured with a Global Hot Spare and we keep a cold spare on site in case Dell Support have shortages or can’t deliver on time. So far none of the failures have resulted in down time or loss of data. We will escalate the reliability issue with Dell on Monday.

Microsoft case study interview

February 17, 2007

On Friday the 16th Feb 2007 I did a telephone interview with Microsoft and its respective marketing and PR agencies. The result of the interview will become a case study for Microsoft SQL Server 2005.

I must be Amazons best customer…well OK may be not…

February 17, 2007

Yet more books from Amazon have arrived through my door.

I saw a guy who catches the same tube as me reading “Hard Facts, Dangerous Half-Truths and Total Nonsense”. The title for some reason resonated with me. There are plenty of people in business who talk half-truths and total nonsense. This books extols the virtues of evidence based management by the looks of things. I will post more once I have read the book.

I also purchased “The Knowing-Doing Gap” by the same authors of “Hard Facts, Dangerous Half-Truths and Total Nonsense”, i.e. Jeffrey Pfeffer and Robert I. Sutton

That upsell feature in Amazon is a killer and gets me every time.

I now have too many books to read and not enough time to read them all.

January 2007 busiest month ever for fish4jobs

February 17, 2007

January 2007 was the busiest month ever for fish4jobs beating our previous bests of January 2006 and October 2006. Search volumes were very impressive! Our fish4me process (sends out email alerts for matching adverts) peaked at 630 searches per second! Operationally everything has gone according to plan and response times have been excellent. The same can’t be said for some our competitors. 

Will the GNOME team fight back…

February 17, 2007

Egos in the open source communities seem to clash fairly often. I have to give it to Linus he really got one over the GNOME developers with this one. But will the GNOME team fight back by changing things they don’t like about the Linux Kernel. No doubt it will be posted on Slashdot if they do. I am sure there are plenty of egos within Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, Apple, etc. its just that the battles are never publicised. Ultimately the best ideas should float to the top.

People who applied for this job also applied for these jobs

February 17, 2007

On Friday 16th Feb 2007 fish4jobs introduced “People who applied for this job also applied for these jobs” functionality on the Thank You page after applying for a job. So far the results are very encouraging with hundreds of users making use of the new functionality within hours of it being launched.

 Screenshot of PWAFTAAFT