RDBMS search performance update

We took delivery of the new database server for our new data centre a couple of weeks ago and have been running extensive performance tests. The Unisys ES7000 One and EMC 3-20 sustained 375 searches per second (over 1600 transactions per second) over a 24 hour period without any tuning. The searches were primarily Relational although 20% of the searches were a combination of Relational and Full Text Search. Microsoft SQL Server 2005 appears to have scaled very well and the bottleneck in the end was the number of CPU’s rather than RAM or the EMC 3-20. The ES7000 One is highly scalable so we could scale further by adding additional Cells (each containing 8 cores).


2 Responses to “RDBMS search performance update”

  1. Tony Mastroianni Says:

    We’re running a nearly identical configuration and running into very similar performance issues. ES7000 w/24 dual-core Xeons, 48GB memory, an EMC 3-20, and Windows Ent 2003 x64, SQL 2005 Ent.

    Upgrading from a pair of 8-way HP DL740s, but after a week or so powering our OLTP the Unisys gradually slows to a crawl – the only indicator is an increase in latch waits.

    The memory on the ES7000 is configured for interleaving, as opposed to NUMA, which SQL 2005 is aware of. How is yours configured? Also, could you point me to the hotfix you mentioned for 21+ cores?


    Tony Mastroianni
    Chief Technology Officer
    MLS Property Information Network

  2. richardyeo Says:

    Our ES7000 memory is interleaved.

    This is the hotfix we installed before we live.

    hotfix 278292

    We came across another memory / buffer issue once we went live and Microsoft recommended running this command on a regular basis.

    dbcc freesystemcache(‘TokenAndPermUserStore’)

    We run it every hour and it fixed the issue although the real fix is in SP2. It seems SP2 changes quite a few things for 64 bit environments.

    I will email you a contact at Microsoft who was very helpful to us.

    Have you raised a support case with Microsoft?

    CTO fish4

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