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An article on CIO Bloggers…there is even a quote from me

October 30, 2006

Praise where praise is due

October 30, 2006

Whilst conducting load testing on our shinny new ES7000 with Microsoft SQL Server 2005 we discovered a memory leak in Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Enterprise x64 SP1.

Obviously we were shocked and appalled to find such an issue. Rather than place a support call with Microsoft we decided to log the issue in a Microsoft hosted SQL Server newsgroup. I often watch Channel9 videos on the train and often hear Microsoft Product Managers and Developers talking about responding to community feedback.

Within a few hours a Microsoft SQL Server Product Manager by the name of Jerome had discovered my newsgroup posting and emailed me directly. Once he identified we were not crackpots he started copying in his colleagues. They all took a great deal of interest and within a very short period of time confirmed it was a known issue that had very recently had a hot fix developed for it.

We installed the patch and the memory leak disappeared. They were very responsive and incredibly helpful on this (and other matters).

A fantastic customer experience!

RDBMS search performance update

October 11, 2006

We took delivery of the new database server for our new data centre a couple of weeks ago and have been running extensive performance tests. The Unisys ES7000 One and EMC 3-20 sustained 375 searches per second (over 1600 transactions per second) over a 24 hour period without any tuning. The searches were primarily Relational although 20% of the searches were a combination of Relational and Full Text Search. Microsoft SQL Server 2005 appears to have scaled very well and the bottleneck in the end was the number of CPU’s rather than RAM or the EMC 3-20. The ES7000 One is highly scalable so we could scale further by adding additional Cells (each containing 8 cores).

The greatest error message of all time?

October 11, 2006

I think the Register have covered this in sufficient detail