My flat is on fire excuse

I have just had a member of my staff leave a message for me saying that he won’t be in today as his flat caught fire during the night and that the fire brigade have only just let him back in the house.


One Response to “My flat is on fire excuse”

  1. One of the other Housemates Says:

    The guy who phoned in luckily was awake when the fire went off so mamaged to alert me and my other housemate

    After running through a smoke filled house and down a burning set of stairs i managed to get out, the fire brigade turned up in double quick time (about 4 mins) and luckily put the fire out just before it got to the gas supply

    I think we al scared shitless, and been to the pub every night since until closing time

    Moral of the story, smoking fags saves lives else if my mate would have not thought I will have a fag before I go to bed he would have been asleep as well and we would not have got out, also buy some smoke detectors and when you think you have bought enough, but one more

  2. Ian Duckhouse Says:

    Well I am the said member of staff that suffered the house fire! And probably one of the luckiest men on the planet.

    Basically my two flat mates and I got very very lucky – I was still awake when the fire started and was able to get everyone out of the house. You would not believe how quickly a house can fill with smoke! If I hadn’t have been awake I doubt I would be here to make this comment.

    Personally the event has shaken me up quite a bit and all I can say is where ever you live make sure your house has smoke alarms and get your electrics and gas checked on a regular basis – you do not want to become a government statistic!

    Anyway must get back to doing the CTO’s bidding :o)

    Ian ‘Crispy Duck’ Duckhouse

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